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Kick The Sick


Join Children's Health Expert Dr. Tony Ebel and Dr. Matt Hill For An Eye Opening, Transformative, & Practical Virtual Workshop

WHEN: Tue, May 26th @ 8PM

We’ve had a bit of a late start to spring here, but for many kids and families that hasn’t slowed down the congestion, irritation, allergies, and immune challenges from already kicking into high gear.

While we often hear of “seasons” for certain immune issues, the truth is that for many families their kids seem to battle recurring ear infections, non-stop sinus congestion, and chronic coughs almost all year round. They just can’t seem to “kick it” for good.

It all adds up to way too many trips to the pediatrician or even immediate care, and let’s be honest, those are not places we want to head to right now if we don’t really have to.

You’ve tried the antibiotics, have the inhalers, have gotten rid of gluten and dairy, and have a whole army of essential oils and supplements taking over your cabinets!

But, your child still struggles and can’t “kick it” no matter what you try. 

Dear Parents

If that’s your crew, then the Kick the Sick Virtual Workshop is perfectly suited for you! Dr. Tony Ebel and Dr. Matt Hill have been helping kids and families get healthy naturally for almost 13 years. They will share all they’ve learned clinically in our upcoming Virtual Workshop that will get right to the root of the issue. Drs Tony and Matt will explain the science behind chronic illness and autoimmune challenges in kids in a simple, never-before shared way.

You’ll learn the science behind it all, but most importantly you’ll get straightforward, simple Action Steps you can take to finally help your kiddo “Kick the Sick” and get over the chronic congestion, inflammation, and struggles!

Due to the current challenges we all face, instead of hosting this presentation live in the office, we’ll be Live on Zoom instead! We’ll use the Zoom Meeting format (link sent after registration) so that you can easily interact, ask questions, and get your specific questions answered.

All attendees will also receive a downloadable Healthy Kids Naturally PDF Guide that has helped thousands of families get back their health in a drug-free, natural way.

Click the link, get registered, add it to your calendar… and we’ll see you on Zoom! If you can't catch it live, no worries! Go ahead and register and we'll send you the replay!